Crazy people can’t hurt you in a Land Rover

Land Rover's "wacky workplace" scenario in this spot from Y&R, stressing vehicle safety, scores by taking a low-key approach. There's a crazy guy who keeps swords and daggers in his office. We all have one of these types at work. At AdFreak, it's me. In the ad, the guy's manager summons him for a chat, and they wind through corridors and traipse down stairs, a deadly blade dangling at the crazy worker's side. Their destination is the parking garage, where the boss feels safe enough in his Land Rover LR4 to tell the oddball to cut out the cutlery. It's offbeat but not over the top and memorably conveys its message. My supervisor tried something similar with me a while back, but he drives a Toyota. Get well soon, chief!

—Posted by David Gianatasio