This Crazy Supermarket Ad, Full of Cats, Will Give You a Big Cheshire Grin

Plus, it's 'good for all mankind'

Forget about next week's Cannes Lions. Check out all the crazy cats in this commercial for Netto, a German supermarket chain. 

These 75 seconds of epic kitty cuteness take place in an incredibly detailed miniature version of a Netto store and feature clones of Maru, Keyboard Cat and other stars of famous feline memes. Is the No No No Cat among them? Yes yes yes! 

And, not to give too much away, but someone's not feeling quite as Grumpy as usual: 

Whoa, it's like a mouse's worst nightmare!

Jung von Matt created the spot, continuing its string of impressively memorable supermarket advertising that includes last year's to-die-for holiday hit and the suave, silly "Supergeil" from 2014 (both for Netto's parent company Edeka).

Since dropping last week, the cat clip continues to purr along, with more than 5 million YouTube views—clawing its way into the global zeitgeist. Meowwwwww!

In the making-of video below, Iconoclast director Brian Lee Hughes rocks a fluffy cat suit as he explains how the spot came together. "We're not in the same species," he says, "but I feel like we're brothers and sisters in a project that will be good for all mankind." 

Will we be able to scrub the image of Brian in that cat-astrophic costume out of heads anytime soon? No no no!


Agency: Jung Von Matt

Client: Netto

Director: Brian Lee Hughes

Production Company: Iconoclast

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