Dairy Queen’s absurd spots not a great treat

Dairy Queen uses the good old-fashioned "It's not just X, it's Y" set-up in this new spot to suggest its ice cream isn't just soft-serve—it's a Blizzard. And at DQ, they don't just have Blizzards, they have big and small Blizzards. They don't just have rainbows, they have double rainbows … or no, wait, they have rainbows on fire! And they don't just have bunnies, they have … "old-fashioned shaving bunnies"? The character mentions all this on an epic hike in the mountains with some sort of manly march music playing. The overall effect is confusing, though better than the family of morons who previously pimped the Blizzard. I guess this new guy is here to stay, as he stars in several other spots (posted after the jump)—one that involves magical turn-around pants, and another that sells cheeseburgers with a guitar that sounds like dolphins. They're trying to be all Old Spicy here, and while I get that fire rainbows are awesome, I don't get how eating at DQ will make you awesome. I think it's missing a good through line. Or maybe just getting a WTF reaction to your commercial has become a victory in and of itself. I'm looking at you, Skittles.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.
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