Dance like a lunatic for those online savings

It's probably a victory of sorts that Ask (nee still has any share of the Internet search market. It's less than 4 percent, but that's with having no identifiable brand positioning since mascot Jeeves the butler was sent packing. Now, we get an ad campaign by (nee with guys and gals happy-dancing in colorful Brady Bunch-type squares, overjoyed that Ask's new bargain-finding service saves them money. It's just a hunch, but I suspect they were paid to hop around like that. One guy looks like Jerry Springer. There's a chorus of "Hey ladies! Hey fellas!" Jerry Lewis had a similar catchphrase, more nasal though slightly less histrionic. This Ask stuff is too earnest to be camp, but too goofy to be taken seriously. It's sort of like Yahoo's "It's Y!ou," but with an annoyingly catchy jingle. Still, folks love getting deals on stuff they don't really need, and any campaign that calls to mind Jerrys Lewis and Springer can't be all bad.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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