David Ortiz Shows Off the JerkyBot, a Drone Snack Tray That Follows You Around

Chef's Cut Real Jerky's aerial feedbag is perfect for America

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There are lots of current applications of drone technology, but not many of them are very useful to the average consumer. But what's this? A drone that allows you to literally snack nonstop? Now that's something plenty of Americans can get behind.

Viral video agency Thinkmodo made just such a device, called the JerkyBot, which is a flying ad for Chef's Cut Real Jerky. Red Sox slugger David Ortiz shows it off in the video below—which happens to be the first time Thinkmodo, which usually prefers YouTube, has launched a video on Facebook.

The brand says:

JerkyBot is part drone, part cutting board, and all about delivering jerky in the clutch. Chef's Cut Real Jerky and brand partner David Ortiz teamed up to make his post-baseball life more efficient and fun. And that's how JerkyBot was created. JerkyBot is set to take jerky to new heights—like, serving tray height—to provide David (or anyone) premium, hand-cut, chef-crafted jerky on the go—without having to go anywhere.

It's a gag, clearly, but there's been plenty of interest, judging by the view counts. As of Wednesday, the Facebook video (and reposts) had more than 7 million views. 

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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