Denmark Rolls Its Eyes at the U.S. Election With This Hilarious Anti-Trump Bus Ad

An appeal to expats to vote

Headshot of Tim Nudd

The anti-Trump outdoor advertising rolls on—even overseas.

We've seen a ton of Donald-bashing outdoor ads in the U.S. (from the Nuisance Committee to Wieden + Kennedy to those rogue NYC bus-shelter ads), and it seems that Europe is getting into the spirit as well. That's judging by a clever bus ad from Denmark that pleads with American expats to vote—lest the unhinged Trump find his way to the White House.

Check out some GIFs of the googley-eyed execution here:

The ad was made by creative agency Uncle Grey and paid for by the the Socialist People's Party (in Danish, the Socialistisk Folkeparti, or SF).

"The ad is obviously done with a sense of humor, but we actually do take the U.S. election very seriously. It has a huge impact on us all, even in tiny Denmark," SF leader Pia Olsen Dyhr says. "Mr. Trump's political views are very far from ours, and I find it rather scary to think of him sitting in the Oval Office. I hope that we can influence some of the Americans living in Denmark and make them vote. Every vote counts."

There are 8,714 Americans who are living in Denmark and able to vote in the U.S. election, the group says. Meanwhile, says the agency, "the bus, and Donald Trumps eyes, will continue to spin around the streets of Copenhagen, and the Internet, until Election Day."


Agency: UncleGrey Copenhagen

Client: SF

Strategic Director: Carsten Bülow

Account Director: Madeleine Naesborg

Creative Director: Jimmy Blom

Creative Director: Thomas Ilum

Senior Art Director: Lukas Lund

Senior Art Director: Simon Naver

Art Director: Carl Angelo

Copywriter: Sophie Hotchkiss

Film: Mathias Nielsen

Retouch: GreyWorks

Seeding: BeOn

Media partner: Out of Home Media

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