Denny’s chickens plucky as talk-show hosts

If Conan O'Brien returned to late-night TV in a chicken suit, critics would call it brilliant. If Jay Leno did his next monologue dressed as a hen, would anybody notice? That's as good an intro as any to this new Denny's video, in which the chain's Super Bowl chickens return to host their own late-night talk-show. The clip, from Filter Creative Group, touts Denny's food that's available for about $5, so the celebrity guest is a goofy faux Abe Lincoln. A feathered bandleader is dressed like George Washington. The hosts cluck away; it sounds almost like Swedish at times. There's an unfunky chicken dance at the end. This stuff is so forced and self-consciously bizarre, it's impossible to look away. Jimmy Fallon should take notes. And try wearing a beak.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

Denny's "Chicken Warning" spot from the Super Bowl:

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