Designer Remakes NSA’s Slides to Make Them (at Least Look) Less Hideous

Makeover as self-promotion

This week in celever self-promotions, freelance presentation designer Emiland De Cubber has created a great SlideShare that markedly improves the PRISM slides from the leaked (and terrifyingly designed) NSA PowerPoint. De Cubber says the NSA folks can do whatever they want with his data, but he pleads with them to spare his eyes. He then shows how a bunch of the key slides could be simplified and beautified with his services. The information on the slides is still scary, but now it's scarily beautiful. The NSA has a lot to learn from his graphical restraint. He even made the agency a beautiful new logo and wrote an appropriate new tagline, "Welcome to a new world." And he performed an even more impressive feat of making a simple slideshow go viral. Oh government, it's hard to stay mad at you when you're so adorably inept at doing basic things.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.