Deutsche Telekom gives tiny folks big ideas

This visually neat Deutsche Telekom spot from Germany uses time-lapse tilt-shift photography, which makes the people in it look insignificant, harried and vulnerable—like little action figures waiting to be crushed. I kept expecting a giant boot to come down and flatten the wee folks. Of course, agency Philipp & Keuntje in Hamburg intended the opposite: It's all about empowerment and how "big changes start small," like people handing in their old cell phones and getting paperless bills to "conserve valuable resources" and "help preserve nature." I would do whatever the ad suggests, or else … stomp, stomp, stomp! In the meantime, the Deutsche Telekom ogres are killing us slowly with that cloying background music, "Neopolitan Dreams," by Lisa Mitchell. Via Adland.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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