Domino’s Japan Vows to Open a Branch on the Moon

Expect intergalactic deliveries within 30 years or less

The Japan Moon Branch Project sounds like one of Mike Patton's never-go-anywhere musical projects. But it's actually the 30-year goal of Domino's Pizza Japan—to deliver pizza on (or from) the moon. They really, truly (OK, allegedly) want to open a Domino's location on that hunk of rock 250,000 miles up in the sky. Check out the video below from Domino's Japan president and CEO Scott K. Oelkers, who certainly seems like a spaced-out, zero-gravity kind of guy. If the website, linked above, which is mostly in Japanese, lays out a coherent business plan for this, it's been obscured by gimmicks. But I'm guessing they believe humans will have colonized the moon by then. Or maybe they'll just deliver to international space stations. Either way, they'll have to go a lot farther than the moon to escape their reputation here on Earth. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.
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