Domino’s Just Made Kilt Uniforms in Scotland Out of Its New Official Tartan

Is it an improvement on the old uniforms? Aye, laddy

If any of you were worried that Domino’s Pizza was being inflicted only on the U.S., don’t worry. They’re in Scotland, too. In fact, they’ve been there for over 20 years. And to celebrate the opening of a new Glasgow location, they hired local designer Ken MacDonald to create a special Domino’s tartan, which is being made into kilts for any employees feeling especially stereotypical.

Yes, this is really happening. The Domino’s tartan has been added to the Scottish Register of Tartans, and the kilts are an official Domino’s employee uniform that can be worn instead of aprons. To be honest, that’s a major improvement.

The kilt idea came from a poll of 100 Scottish Domino’s employees, 67 percent of whom said they would gladly wear a kilt to work, and 12 percent of whom already have. So really, they’re just responding to a genuine demand, though Domino’s has made it clear that kilt-wearing staffers cannot go commando. You don’t hear that stipulation from most companies.

Additionally, Domino’s is putting a limited-edition “Scots Favourite” Pizza Legend on the menu, based on the country’s favorite pizza toppings—chicken, ham, peppers, prosciutto ham, and the surprising favorite, mushrooms.

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