Edward Snowden Is Now on Twitter, and He’s Picked the One Perfect Account to Follow

Whistleblower will be keeping tabs on the NSA

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He made his name by showing us all that the NSA can and very well might be listening in on our conversations, and now Edward Snowden is having a bit of fun turning the tables.

Snowden's just-launched Twitter account follows exactly one other user: @NSAGov.

And his first tweet shows that no one's above making a classic Verizon tagline callback:

Snowden's follower count has exploded in the brief time since he joined. Within 30 minutes, he was up to 77,000 followers, already eclipsing the NSA's own Twitter following of 75,700. As I publish this, he's at 134,000 followers and climbing fast.

The Twitter debut follows a year of occasional media appearances by Snowden, who's currently living in Russia on a three-year residency permit as he attempts to avoid facing charges of violating the U.S. Espionage Act for leaking secret documents.

Snowden gave an interview in April on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and more recently chatted with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in a two-episode edition of the science educator's Star Talk podcast.

In fact, Snowden's second tweet went to Tyson himself:

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