Electrolux spot not lacking in crazy imagery

Swedish shop Lowe Brindfors crams lots of activity and imagery into this 60-second spot for Electrolux appliances. We've got, among other things, animated rainstorms and tidal waves, a locomotive traversing a family dinner table, a roasted chicken that comes back to life, a Jell-O mold (which seems primed to morph into something cool, but doesn't) and a ball of clay that does morph into a goofy-looking T-Rex. Ultimately, the proceedings are a bit unfocused and exhausting. And I'm not sure the visuals, more cutesy and contrived than truly engaging, support the tagline: "Appliances that help you create more than just wonderful food." Chaotic family dinners aren't that much fun. Especially when dinosaurs show up. They have bad table manners and tend to eat the guests.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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