Ex-stripper resents being in ad for strip club

Penthouse Executive Club stripper Nicole Hughes says she has lost her "integrity as an adult entertainer" after an unauthorized photo of her was used on a Scores billboard. (She's in the center.) As one would expect, she's suing Penthouse, claiming she was forced to pose for photos under threat of termination and didn't give them, or anyone else, consent to use her image. What she experienced was horrible and dehumanizing, and we hope she wins her lawsuit, but the same guy owns Penthouse and Scores, so his claim to the photos could hold up in court. Not that my moral expectations for strip-club management are very high. I did expect more from the Daily News, though. Groaners like "a former stripper is suing for overexposure" are just unnecessary.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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