Family Moments Matter Most in New Brazilian Work for Coca-Cola

House rules can be rewarding

A dance, a Coke and a smile. David São Paulo
Headshot of Shannon Miller

Household rules can sometimes feel like chores, but when reframed as a positive, they can bring everyone together. This is the lesson in a touching new spot for Coca-Cola Brazil, where common rules like listening when someone speaks, learning to share and knowing when to ask for help are explored to show genuinely affectionate moments.

Created by David SP in São Paulo, the inclusive minute-long spot shows glimpses of subtle, yet special familial highlights like children sharing a slice of cake, a couple slow-dancing in their living room and a mother comforting her daughter. The work is understated, but it tells a compelling story in a short time and is supported by a remake of the Phillip Phillips hit “Home.”

The common centerpiece within most of these quiet scenes is Coca-Cola, of course, and the spot ends with the slogan, “Every house has its rules, but they can taste special when we’re together.” The agency aims to show how the 126-year-old product naturally fits within these intimate moments that are often taken for granted.

“The campaign is particularly inspired by those rules every family has got,” says Rafael Donato, David SP’s creative vice president. “What we want to show is that, far from being dull and strict, these rules should be experienced as a way to foster family bonds.”

David SP has had a long-standing creative relationship with Coca-Cola and led Cannes Lions Gold Medal-winning work that sought to turn one of the country’s most popular homophobic expressions into a message of pride.


Agency: DAVID SP
Client: Coca-Cola Brazil
Product: Coca-Cola
Chairman and founder: Fernando Musa
Managing director: Sylvia Panico
Creative VP: Rafael Donato
Creative Director: Edgard Gianesi
Copywriter: Lucas Silva, Fernanda Machado
Art Director: Fabio Natan, Christiano Vellutini
Producers DAVID: Fabiano Beraldo, Fernanda Peixoto, Julia Valente
Editing: Leonardo Nichida
Account: Carolina Vieira, Stefane Rosa, Cacá Franklin, Fernanda Feldmann, Camila Coelho, Pedro Zetune, Giovana Zanfelice
Planning: Daniela Bombonato, Carolina Silva, Bruno Gomiero
Social media: Lucas Patrício
Media: Márcia Mendonça, Camila Fiuza, Diego Rolim, Leila Pereira, Manuela Cintra
Production House: Landia
Manager partner: Movie&art
Director: We are Magnolias
Executive producers: Valentina Baisch, Carol Dantas, Sebastian Hall
Assistant: Rafa Passos
Photography: Juliano Lopes
Production team: Camilla Bastos, Natalia Petrechen, Renata Tim
Assistant: Jan Monckza e Carolina Silvestrin
Art Director: Ana Henriques
Clothes: Isadora Bertolucci
Pos production: Elton Bronzeli
Finalizing: Landia
Editing: Thiago Gil e Diego Merulla
Color: Marla
Sound Production: Jamute
Team Jamute: James Pinto, Eliezer Borges, Sabrina Geraissate
Client Approval: Javier Rodriguez Merino, Francesco Cibó, Conrado Tourinho, Keila Marconi, Flavio Reghini, Augusto Veríssimo, Larisse Lucena

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.