This Fashion Brand Just Released Its New Lookbook in Google Street View

Take a tour of OneMeth's latest streetwear

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If you're a streetwear brand, what better way to show off your fashions than through Google Street View?

Clothing label OneMeth has done just that with what it's calling Google Streetwear View. Rather than put out a traditional lookbook, the brand—created by Toronto digital and design shop OneMethod—brought in a photography team to shoot 360-degree images of models wearing its fall/winter 2015 apparel. The results are available for viewing in Google Street View, thanks to Google's virtual "See Inside Tour" function.


Jersey Tee + Whitesnap Hat


The shoot took place at OneMethod's offices, so you get the ancillary benefit of having a good look at the space as well as the clothes. Navigation can be tricky, as it often is with Street View interiors, making the project feel like more of a stunt than a real innovation in how to look at clothes. But it's an interesting experiment in a medium that OneMeth says doesn't take too many chances.

"We've seen many great brands experiment and evolve the actual content of fashion lookbooks, but we haven't really seen too many challenge the format," says Max Sawka, associate creative director of OneMeth. "When we landed on Google Street View as a new way to introduce our line, everything clicked. It offers viewers an incredible virtual experience with the clothing, like you can almost grab the gear. We'd love to look at playing in this space again in the future and evolve what we did with this l​ookbook."

You can check out seven models in the embedded Street View players above and below. 


ONEMETH x FADED Sweatpants + Hooded Sweatshirt


Thermal Tank + Greysnap Hat


Thermal Tank


ONEMETH x FADED Crewneck Sweatshirt


Thermal Long Sleeve Tee + Greysnap Hat


Jersey Long Sleeve Tee + Blacksnap Hat


Thermal Tank + ONEMETH x FADED Beanie


Sawka said the shoot was pretty quick and seamless. "The team that shot it, Virtuo360, was in and out in under two and a half hours, and was also really willing to work with us on what the end product would look like," he said.

"Outside of that, it was simply interesting to me to learn about how Google Street View is broken down into 'constellations' and 'stars.' If you picture a space like the White House, that would be considered a 'constellation.' Every single spot in the White House that you can navigate to, or in other words every part of the building in which the camera stopped and took photos, is considered a 'star.' At least, that's what I think they said. It was pretty early when we shot."

Sawka isn't sure the brand will do a second Street View lookbook, but he learned plenty of things about the format that he'd experiment with more fully next time. "The potential to stash easter eggs in these virtual tours is endless," he said. "We ended up sneaking in a few, most being related to some of our favorite clients, but a few others are just absurd inside jokes that are now cemented in time/Google."

And for those who would prefer a more traditional lookbook, OneMeth has that too.


Project: Google Streetwear View

Brand: OneMeth

Agency: OneMethod

Photography: Virtuo360

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