FedEx Beautifully Captures the Surprise and Delight of a Simple Delivery

BBDO creates vignettes packed with uncertainty and joy

A box on the doorstep can be an unexpected portal to the past. FedEx
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Will there ever be a time when we outgrow the budding curiosity, hope, or excitement we feel when a package arrives at our door? Hopefully not, and FedEx has a new campaign that is so touching, it’ll remind even the most tech-forward of us that there’s a certain magic that can only be captured by good old-fashioned mail.

With the help of its longtime creative agency BBDO, FedEx has debuted a series of short films that highlight the emotional aspects of package delivery. With a brand new tagline, “What we deliver by delivering,” each brief story showcases how our shipments and deliveries carry with them the ability to bring memories, opportunities, comfort and endless possibilities right at our feet.

The ads range from 30 seconds to a minute long, and manage to pack in fully fleshed, incredibly human tales of love and enterprise. In the short titled “Memories,” a man opens his front door to collect his package. Instead, he is met by another man in snazzy, 1920s-era formal wear and transported to a cinematic, sepia-tinged wedding celebration against a quaint European backdrop.

While anyone else in this scenario would undoubtedly process these new surroundings with a proper sense of confusion, the man looks upon the scene fondly, likely recognizing some familiar faces from old family photographs and stories. In the end, we see a picture of the newlyweds nestled in the old family photo album that was delivered to his doorstep. Now the memory is accessible at a moment’s notice, thanks to FedEx.

With each ad, FedEx cultivates a sense of reliability, whether they are helping a couple grow their independent business in the clever spot “Opportunity” or reuniting a child with her beloved stuffed tortoise in the heartfelt “Tortoise & the Hare.” The connections that each delivery allows the recipient to make with the outside world are more valuable than what’s inside the box, and it’s those connections that take center stage in this four-part collection.

The series of ads, which also includes a minute-long short called “What’s Inside,” will air on TV via FedEx’s various sponsorship deals, including NFL and the PGA Tour, and will also run concurrently on digital and social media.


SPOTS: “What’s Inside,” “Memories,” “Tortoise and the Hare,” “Opportunity”

Chief Creative Officer, BBDO WW: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, BBDO NY: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Tom Godici, Greg Ketchum
Creative Director: Banks Noel, Greg Gerstner
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Wardrep, Matt Fiedler, Gavin Breyer, Karen D’souza
Executive Producer: Alex Gianni
Sr. Producer: Ted Mcenaney
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Sr Account Director Josh Steinman
Account Director: Cailin Gibbons
Assistant Account Executive: Cameron Carr
Account Manager: Billy Mclellan

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
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Partner/Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Jeff Mcdougall
Head of Production: Rachel Glaub
Head of Production: Mercedes Allen-Sarria
Unit Production Manager: Jay Veal
Director of Photography: Simon Duggan
Production Designer: Brock Houghton

Editorial Company: Work
Producer: Chris Delarenal
Editor: Stewart Reeves (Memories & Tortoise And The Hare) + Peter Brandt (Opportunity & What’s Inside)
Assistant Editor: Mike Horan, Trevor Myers

Telecine Company: Freefolk
Telecine Artist: Paul Harrison
Producer: Celia Williams

Conform / Finish Company: Blacksmith
Conform Artist: Daniel Morris
Producer: Charlotte Arnold Ep & Alexa Mauro Producer

Mix & Record Company: Sound Lounge
Engineer: Tommy Jucarone

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