Fiat Raps About Motherhood and Faking Orgasms

Echoes of Toyota's Swagger Wagon

In the U.K., mommies apparently don't rock gas-guzzling minivans. They go for cute little Fiat 500Ls. So, to entice them, Fiat has released yet another example of the hilarity that is white people rapping. This particular rap, created by Krow Communications, fits into the recently popular subgenre of gangsta parents. Called "The Motherhood," the campaign is a blatant redux of Toyota's "Swagger Wagon," which was a viral success for the Sienna minivan. But the Fiat spot is sufficiently well-written to have already reached almost 2 million views in a couple of weeks. Unlike the Sienna campaign, here we have a mom who rolls alone—there's not a dad in sight. Maybe that's because she also admits to being an orgasm-faker. It's more self-deprecating, too, which I attribute to the British sense of humor. Having recently become part of the target market, I confess that this appeals to me greatly. As does the idea of zipping about in an adorable tiny Fiat as opposed to a van so large it requires a camera to keep me from running over my child when I back up. But how this MILF fits herself, Dad and those three kids into the four-seat Fiat 500L is a total mystery.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.