Filmmaker Still Getting Paid to Wander the World, This Time in a J. Crew Suit

Casey Neistat carves out a nice niche

Viral filmmaker Casey Neistat continues to milk brand marketers for a personal travel allowance in his new clip for J. Crew's Ludlow Traveler suit, which he wears around the globe while offering vague tips on "how to travel in style."

The video shows Neistat and his dorky haircut doing all sorts of fun stuff in the suit, from impressing local ladies with bike tire maintenance, surfing and snowboarding in business attire. He also digs some random holes in the ground at one point.

Neistat has built a career on taking marketers' money and doing unexpected things with it, like jetting around the world with a friend on Nike Fuel's ad budget or taking $25,000 to promote the film version of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and instead using it to help typhoon victims in the Philippines

This time Neistat plays it a bit more straight, though he does try really hard to be quirky. (Look at his tiny skateboard! Isn't he just precious?) , but the video's all in good fun, and he's not wrong about dressing up for travel. It really does make the whole experience more pleasant. The only way to make it even better is to have someone else foot the bill.

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