Finally, Another Dirty-Minded Ad for a Cleaning Product

CLR jumps on the near-profanity train

Household cleaner CLR not only has a no-nonsense name—it stands for Calcium, Lime and Rust remover—but it has also long leaned on simple how-to commercials that demonstrate the product's cleaning power. Its new ad, though, gets a little dirty.

The 30-second Web and broadcast spot, from Moon Pie Media in Austin, Texas, jumps on the near-obscenity bandwagon popularized recently by the likes of Kmart with its viral "Ship My Pants" spot, Kraft's Jell-O "FML" campaign and's "You Booking Did It." In the CLR ad, people who use the product can't resist blurting out obscenities, which are then bleeped out. Dirty tub? Scuzzy toilet? Spotty wine glasses? CLR makes everything sparkling clean. Well … almost everything. 

Dirty cleaning ads are always fun. Have a look back at probably the best one ever—Droga5's Method ad starring the pervy scrubbling bubbles.

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