Five lingerie spots racier than Lane Bryant’s

So, the Lane Bryant ad below is causing a fuss, though it's unclear if ABC and Fox really don't want larger women in their underwear terrifying prime-time viewers, or if Lane Bryant has orchestrated a fake scandal for PR purposes. One thing's for sure: In the pantheon of sexy lingerie commercials, this is about as tame as they come. After the jump, five lingerie spots that wouldn't even run on pay-per-view here in America.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

1) Kylie Minogue spot for Agent Provocateur.

2) Justin Anderson's short film "Chore" for Damaris (NSFW).

3) New Yorker lingerie commercial "The Wedding Night."

4) Schiesser lingerie commercial "Nurse."

5) Paragon commercial "Blush."

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