Food & Wine Changed Its Name to Food & Milk for a ‘Got Milk?’ Campaign

GS&P's cover wrap extends 'Food Loves Milk' positioning

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Here’s a fun media stunt from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, which convinced Food & Wine magazine to run a “Got Milk?” cover-wrap advertisement on its new issue—which looks like a normal cover but has Food & Milk as the magazine’s title.

It’s the most fun expression yet of the “Got Milk?” campaign’s “Food Loves Milk” positioning, which launched two years ago and shows how milk pairs well with lots of foods and flavors, from savory to spicy to sweet.

The cover wrap appears on Food & Wine’s holiday issue, which came out last Friday. The buy also includes ads on the inside front cover and inside back cover of copies sent to Food & Wine subscribers in California. (The “Got Milk?” campaign, which used to run nationally, continues in California on behalf of the California Milk Processor Board.)

Here’s the full cover wrap:

“Our approach to planning media is not to place an ad, but to hack the media so you can’t separate the creative idea from its context. This is a perfect example of where creativity and media intersect,” says Christine Chen, partner and director of communication strategy at GS&P.

“When I was shown this idea, I thought it was brilliant but doomed,” adds Jeff Goodby, GS&P’s co- founder and co-chairman. “Would Food & Wine ever let us do this? They would! They did!”

“We are delighted to be partnering with such an esteemed publication to remind its readers of the power, flavor and versatility of a staple in virtually every kitchen—milk,” says Stephen James, executive director at the California Milk Processor Board and CEO at James & James Consulting LLC.

Client: California Milk Processor Board
Campaign: Food & Milk with Food & Wine

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Co-Chairman/Partner: Jeff Goodby
Copywriter: Jo Cresswell
Art Director: Sian Coole

Director of Production: Margaret Brett-Kearns
Producer: Alisa Latvala
Photographer: Sue Tallon
Food Stylist: Kim Kissling
Styling: Thea Chalmers
Prepress: Pacific Digital Image

Account Services
President & Partner: Derek Robson
Account Director: Cassi Norman
Account Manager: Olivia Mullen

Brand and Communication Strategy
Group Brand Strategy Director: Kelly Evans-Pfeifer
Brand Strategist: Gabriella Dishotsky

Director of Communication Strategy/Partner: Christine Chen
Communication Strategy Director: Nicole Richards
Communication Strategist: Christina Rhee

Business Affairs
Business Affairs Manager: Heidi Killeen

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.