Ford faring better than Skoda out in the wild

Automakers Ford and Skoda take somewhat similar approaches in new print campaigns for the Ranger and Yeti models, respectively, but the results are markedly different. Ogilvy London's pulp-magazine-style work for Ford (above) is fun and over-the-top but not forced. You can imagine the vehicles taking part in the action. On the other hands, the Skoda campaign from Italy (below), by agency Cayenne Milan, unwisely links drinking and driving with its "Love it on the rocks" headline and scenes in a martini glass. (You could wind up stranded on a floating block of ice after a few too many, and no yeti will come to your rescue!) Also, Skoda tries to have it both ways, presenting pristine mountains, ice floes and cutesy animals in ads for a carbon-belching truck. Ford seems more honest, portraying the Ranger as "taming" nature and generally running amok in the wild. Plus, King Kong could kick some polar-bear butt any day. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio