Gisele Lingerie Ads Slammed in Brazil for Being Sexist

What's wrong with being sexy?

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Gisele Bündchen offends me. She's preternaturally beautiful, she used to date Leonardo DiCaprio, and she's a multimillionaire entrepreneur. What's not to hate? While that list of reasons is long, it does not include these controversial lingerie ads from Giovanni+Draftfcb. I don't see any hideous subtext, but Brazil's Ministry for Women disagrees. The group, which has been successful at having ads banned in the past, said Gisele's TV campaign for Hope lingerie reinforces the stereotype of women as sex objects and "ignores the progress made in ending sexist practices . . . It also represents discrimination against women." The commercials show Gisele softening the blow of bad news by delivering it to her husband wearing only stilettos and frilly underthings. Honestly, I didn't hear a word she said. I was too busy wondering where the baby weight went. Bitch! UPDATE: CONAR, an independent institution that helps regulate advertising in Brazil, unanimously voted in favor of Giovanni+Draftfcb and allowed the spots to continue airing.

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