Google’s New Ad Channels The Beatles to Let You Know It’s Here to Help

How the tech giant's products make life a little better

Headshot of Kimeko McCoy

How do I tie a tie? What restaurants are near me? How do I unsend an email? If you’ve ever found yourself Googling questions like these or any like it, Google today rolled out a new campaign to show you how Google products can make things a little better.

The spot 60-second spot “Here to Help,” appropriately set to The Beatles’ “Help,” features family videos, selfies and other user-generated content to show relatable, real-life moments where using Google products and technology can help people in their everyday lives. It was created by Google’s in-house Brand Studio.

Just in time for MLB Opening Day and the NCAA tournament’s Sweet 16, the campaign debuts with a 60-second TV spot and 15-second spots that will roll out across TV and online through the length of NCAA tournament and MLB’s first weekend. For four weeks, it will run across select markets and then continue online through channels like YouTube, ESPN, VOX, Twitter, and in print publications such as The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

“Today we do more than we ever thought possible back when we started as a search engine. We’re helping people start and scale businesses, including build a free website and easily reach new customers. We’re helping people in moments of crisis where timely information is most needed,” the company said in a statement. “We’re investing to close many inequality gaps around the world, helping people become digitally literate, acquire new professional skills, get a job in the digital economy or find new work when they return from service.”

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@kimekom Kimeko McCoy is a feature reporter turned digital journalist and currently serves as social media editor at Adweek. She focuses on posting engaging content for main brand accounts for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.