Growing up hard to do in AMV’s Aviva spots

New spots by AMV BBDO in London for financial services/insurance firm Aviva Life evolve the company's "Moments that matter" theme. This time around, we get tales of two dads, both dealing in different ways with growing older. Young professional dad in "Grow Up" (above) has plenty of hair, a go-getter attitude and a perfect TV-commercial family at home. Let's hope he doesn't get disillusioned by the second spot, "Again" (below), with its haggard, beefy dad who can't even do household chores without his wife reminding him that his pants are a big too snug these days. And her cockney nasal twang is like music to my ears! Speaking of music, note the jangly-happy pop for the young dad and the sedate, vaguely ominous tones for the middle-aged guy. Indeed, the tempo slows for us all.

—Posted by David Gianatasio