Guns Don’t Kill People. Toddlers With Guns Kill People, Says This PSA From the Brady Campaign

Satire, informed by a grim reality

McCann New York is taking a satirically Swiftian approach with its latest PSA for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Titled "Keep America Safe," the ad highlights toddler gun violence by advocating that we start jailing kids so they don't accidentally shoot us in our own homes—citing the results of a study by the Associated Press and USA Today that bears all sorts of grim tidings about children's access to guns and the consequences thereof.

Just like when you read A Modest Proposal in high school, it's a guarantee that some viewers will think the ad is for real. It's certainly delivered with an impressive poker face. Hopefully, a greater percentage will see that the ad is mocking the sorts of crazy measures the pro-gun lobby will propose before even considering gun control. They may not agree with it, but we just hope they see it.

The Toddlers Kill website mentioned at the end of the ad, it should be noted, is a more obvious plea for gun control. 

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