Guys can live on online sports betting alone

This humorous ad for an Australian online sports-betting site sure knows its audience. "If you love sports, betting on things and the Internet…" Yes, God, that's me! Let me race to my browser and click away my hard-earned pay. Soapbox sermons aside, the historical approach is amusing, especially when the caveman hurts his foot kicking the soccer-ball rock and a fight breaks out between two Neanderthals on the same team. You know, the game really hasn't evolved that much over the years. Those fancy-pants fops in the pistol duel probably reek of Paddy Power Body Spray. Wussies. As for rodents racing through tubes, well, I shouldn't condone such schoolboy humor, but I must admit I do. Bottom line: Will the Yankees go 11-0 this postseason en route to the World Series crown? Bet on it!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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