Guys make most of myriad Heineken talents

TBWA\Neboko in Amsterdam, which did the famed "Walk-In Fridge" spot for Heineken, is back with this humorous new ad for the brand, in which guys show off all sorts of beer-related skills as part of a fake reality show called Men With Talent. The ladies watching at home, who normally love any and all reality shows, are singularly unimpressed by this one. But the guys, usually dismissive of such shows, fall in love with their glass-juggling, bottle-opening and music-making peers. It's impressive that the agency can make such a clichéd approach seem this fresh. UPDATE: Adverblog says a Men With Talent teaser has been airing in Holland for a few weeks, causing much confusion—a great way to build anticipation.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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