Hamsters, MTV neglected during World Cup

Maybe La Comunidad is spoofing or paying homage to wacky Japanese ads in this MTV campaign, though giant hamsters wielding chainsaws transcend all cultural barriers. In the spot below, MTV identifies with an oversize hamster whose owner neglects him during the World Cup. MTV figures you might likewise skip its programming. But get real. Folks avoid MTV because its shows suck. That includes Jersey Shore, which people watch only so they can complain later. The psychotic-hamster setup is goofy and insane, right down to the normal-size hamster house. "Spooky" demands a pizza and reminds his dazed owner, "I'm watching you." This is why I don't have pets. Check out two more commercials after the jump. In one of them, some dude eats dog food instead of just removing the World Cup promo labels from the can. Ultimately, he starts humping the sofa. Most guys do that during the World Cup when their team wins … and sometimes, frankly, even when they don't.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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