Have You Ever? This Ad for Big Lots Goes From Oddly Repetitive to Downright Surreal

The looping, 10-word script is just the beginning

If you're a woman with an eye for design, Big Lots will apparently have you at a loss for words. But thankfully, there's AutoTune.

In the chain's latest ad from agency OKRP, pairs of women—or "besties," as the press release puts it—register repetitive awe at living space layouts and home accessories, using shorthand exclamations that are easily understood among friends but are meaningless out of context. Interior designer and HGTV personality Meg Caswell anchors the spot, which puts phrases like "I can't," "Get out" and "Loving this" in a loop that might drive a reasonable person insane.

Toward the end, the sequence gets a Gregory Brothers-inspired AutoTune treatment. The gimmick comes as no surprise from the brand and agency that brought you Doggies vs. Babies, pet focus groups and mom dance squads—with varying degrees of success.

In this case, whether it's annoying or endearing probably depends on your personal taste. And while it's certainly a class above most ads for discount furniture, it'd be hard pressed to beat the gold standard for recent work in the category: American Signature's ridiculous set pieces from Translation and director Harold Einstein.

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