Heather Graham is hot, limber public option

Let's break down MoveOn's "Track Meet" commercial. Healthcare providers and insurance companies: bloated, bad. Public option, personified by Heather Graham: limber, good. Healthcare competition: good, because it would give consumers more choice, drive down rates and keep MoveOn from producing more ads. Heather Graham's acting career: fading fast. Apple pie: tastes good, but while quintessentially American, no healthier than the greasy fast food eaten by the people representing the insurance companies in this commercial. (That said, it'd be dumb to say, "Competition is as American as salad.") Peter Coyote's voiceover: authoritative but kinda preachy. Sounds annoyingly like Sam Waterston in the TD Ameritrade ads. TD Ameritrade: I dunno … bad?

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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