Hell Pizza reoffends with damned Satanic ad

I always assumed New Zealanders were going straight to hell for getting the world addicted to Kiwi fruit. Now, we can add a sacrilegious promotion from Hell Pizza to their list of transgressions (and, perhaps, to AdFreak's list of uncool ads and products featuring Jesus). Just in time for Easter, the chain offers two free "Hot Cross Buns" decorated with Satanic pentagrams for each order over $40, and touts the deal around Auckland with the line, "For a limited time. A bit like Jesus." Of course, the company seems to be enjoying the predictable controversy—having caused trouble in previous ads with Hitler and George W. Bush jokes—and director Warren Powell says the chain might bring the unholy buns back next year since "everyone's saying that Jesus Christ is coming back one day." I wonder how smart-mouthed he'll be with a pitchfork crammed up his ass for all eternity? Auckland bishop Patrick Dunn counters: "A number of people might decide to boycott Hell Pizza for a while, and I will be one of them." Ah well, Catholics have to give up something for Lent anyway.

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