Hello, English Ladies. Isaiah Mustafa Returns for Old Spice in the U.K.

Hunt for 'the great British gentleman'

If you've been unable to sleep since the Old Spice guy faded from the spotlight, or suffered from nightmares that he was permanently relegated to playing a lesser version of himself in Israeli beer commercials, you can finally rest easy. Isaiah Mustafa is back.

You'll find him over at Old Spice's U.K. Facebook page with his junk wrapped in a Union Jack. The images there are just teasers of what's still to come: videos (from Leo Burnett, not Wieden + Kennedy) of Mustafa exploring the virtues of what he describes in one promo as "the manliest man to ever grace this planet, the great British gentleman."

It's a certain kind of flattery, but it's not without charm—and a kernel of truth, insofar as anyone can really measure manliness. (Old Spice tried, finding in a 2,000-person survey that less than 20 percent of people think it's manly to wear a Speedo.) Mustafa has already begun traipsing around London on a white horse, and snapped an Instagram photo outside St. Paul's Cathedral.

Given his equity as a pop culture icon, it's not really a surprise to see Old Spice return him to the role. It might not smell as fresh as it once was, but it's pleasing nonetheless.

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