Help random babies crawl across the nation

"We cannot stand, but we stand for something." That's the theme of the Million Baby Crawl, an eco-awareness campaign from Seventh Generation, a maker of non-toxic household products. The Web site explains: "Babies everywhere are crawling to Washington to say no to toxic chemicals found in our homes." They're not literally crawling to D.C. They'd get cranky, particularly the ones from the West Coast, and their frequent naps would delay their arrival. Plus, the toxicity of those million diapers would be worse than the materials they're protesting. Instead, visitors to the site can "Create a Crawler" to spread the word. (There are more than 1,300 so far.) Videos by Carmichael Lynch (above and below) show babies crawling on city streets and along the sides of highways. The use of babies here seems apt and reinforces the message that this cause protects the most helpless among us. The spots with the babies babbling on soapboxes are like nails on a blackboard, however, and make me glad I never had kids.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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