Here Is the Game of Thrones Theme Screamed by Goats

Also a sheep

It's always hard to find the best goat scream for the occasion (Doritos devoted a lot of effort to the task). But sometimes, with what sounds like a little bit of AutoTune and some well-chosen goats, and also what appear to be a sheep and and ibex, you can, for example, record the entire theme song to HBO's popular fantasy series Game of Thrones exclusively in goat voice.

This is the work of Marca Blanca, the Spanish-language comedy company responsible for such masterpieces as the opening sequence from Friends reworked with stock footage of high-ranking Nazis, and this amazing video of live-action footage substituted for Grand Theft Auto V gameplay. The latter is in Spanish, but it doesn't matter.

Game of Goats, however, knows no language, race or creed. It is simply there for you, on the cold nights, when the only thing that can cure your loneliness is a furry omnivorous quadruped shouting in a voice that reminds you of your fourth-grade teacher.

To all other parodies of Game of Thrones, I say: "Bah!!!"


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