HGTV’s Property Brothers Auto-Tune Your DIY Tips in Cringey Dance Ads for Esurance

Is there anything Drew and Jonathan can't do?

Rubbing toothpaste on car headlights can help make them cleaner and lead to a brighter, safer drive.

That’s a useful DIY tip, delivered amusingly in a new Autotuned ad starring HGTV’s Property Brothers, from eSurance and Leo Burnett Chicago.

Drew and Jonathan Scott—the twin brothers who fix up homes for buyers on the reality series—are anchoring a new campaign for the insurance company. The first installment features the pair dressed in metallic suits, standing in a garage, singing (and emoting heavily) as they demonstrate the toothpaste trick.

“There you are, night driving … and you can’t see too clear,” opens the lyric as a cheesy synth bounces in the background, the first of Esurance’s so-called “DIY Ditties.”

It’s a comedic aesthetic best described as Gregory Brothers meets Night at the Roxbury, with a dash of Zoolander thrown in. A sizzle reel (below) teases future commercial in the campaigns, promising new twists on utilitarian stupidity—goofy dancing, ridiculous outfits and helpful advice. (In one clip, they stand over a stack of tires while dressed like Abraham Lincoln, presumably to show viewers how to check tire treads with a penny.)

The marketer and its new spokesmen will, among other hacks, teach hapless audiences how to stop rugs from slipping on wood floors, fix furniture scratches with a walnut, and most useful but hardest to attain, how to collect large endorsement checks from a marketer while acting like a total fool.

Client: Esurance
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Campaign: Scott Brothers DIY Ditties
Chief Creative Officer: Britt Nolan
Creative Directors: Brian Shembeda, Jeff Candido
Producer: Bonnie Van Steen
Account Director: Susan Stefaniak
Account Supervisor: Abby Bridgeo

Production Company: IO Productions
Director: Marc André Debruyne
Executive Producer: Mark Bisson
Producer: Lewis Weinstein

Editorial House: VideoNerve
Editor: Enrico Ferri
Producer: Karen Huybers

Music Company: “Music + Lyrics by Apollo Studios”

PR Agency: MSLGroup

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@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.