Hillary Clinton Is the Most Interesting Woman in the World in James Franco’s Fun, Silly Endorsement

Dos Equis spoof includes sharable memes

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When trying to get the necessary dank-meme-millennial vote, you have to pull out all the stops. And you may not know it yet, but the perfect conduit to that vote is a moustachioed celebrity who may or may not be stoned at all times.

Thus, the obvious choice is, ahem, Professor James Franco.

The 30-second spot spoofs Dos Equis' famous, long-running (and recently rebooted) Most Interesting Man in the World ads, and feature vignettes touting Hillary Clinton's career. 

Franco does the voiceover:

The smartest guy in the room is always her.

After she opens a can of whoop-ass, she always recycles the can.

Her Secret Service code name is Hermione, because she's a f*cking wizard.

She is the Most Interesting Woman in the World.

OK, so maybe James could sit down with the Havas copywriters and learn a few pointers for next time. Still, not a bad first effort. The fine print says the ad was "paid for by womenvoteproject.org, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee." 

It's certainly fun to see the gender roles reversed. And maybe now Hillary can be the next Colonel Sanders for KFC, if this whole president thing doesn't work out. 

You can also visit shesthemostinterestingwoman.com to find your polling location and share the oh-so-dank memes below to social media. (There's something for everyone there, even Trump supporters, who'll surely love, if nothing else, the image of Hillary as toast.) 



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