Historical Images Get a Little Tipsy in Ads for Comedy Central’s Drunk History

Washington kegging the Delaware

Headshot of T.L. Stanley

High school would've been so much more bearable if we'd had a tipsy teacher spouting U.S. history, pausing during key Watergate moments not for dramatic effect but just long enough to puke. Who wouldn't ace that part of the test? Comedy Central is doing its part to make up for those slept-through second periods. The cable channel has nabbed a popular Web series, as it's done successfully in the past, for one of its new summer offerings called Drunk History, which is combination re-enactment, cult celebrity fest and kegger. Stars like Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza, Bob Odenkirk, Fred Willard, Stephen Merchant and Jack Black will take part in loopy re-enactments of the Scopes monkey trial, the Battle of the Alamo, the Haymarket riot and other seminal historical events. They aren't really shitfaced, but the show's narrators are (for the sake of argument, that is). Advertising for the series, launching July 9, is appropriately booze-soaked. Suds float up to cover dynamic online banner ads, like cold draft being drawn from a tap, and famous politicians flash bottles of hooch instead of peace signs. Lingering question: How in the world did George Washington ever make it across the Delaware with all that beer? Our 11th-grade class left out all the good stuff.

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