Hornitos courts dirty minds with pure booze

Euro RSCG Chicago has unleashed two 15-second ads for Hornitos tequila with the inspired tagline, "Purer than your intentions." Given the intentions of the guys in the two spots, that wouldn't need to be too pure. In the "Cougar Phone" spot below, a guy tells his friend he's going to call the hot cougar from last night, only to discover that said hot cougar is his friend's mom. In "Doris" (posted after the jump), a throaty bartender helps a guy call in sick to work so he can either have a long game of pool or a threesome. (It's left unclear, which is part of the suspense!) It's an impressive amount of deviance shoved into 15 seconds, and I wonder how much dirtier they can get before they resort to making puns on the brand name (horny toes, anyone?).

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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