This Horror-Movie Stunt Vandalizes Other Ads, Giving the Models Bloody Eyes

Grim (and illegal) but clever

Chicago Portfolio School student Paul Feldmann doesn't have a huge marketing budget for his short film Something's Coming to Get Us, so he made up for it the best way he knew how—by defacing other people's hard work.

Well, sort of. Feldmann designed special gory-looking stickers that he placed on various outdoor ads (subway and bus stop posters, billboards, etc.) to suggest that their subjects' eyes had been ripped out. Upon closer inspection, the stickers have the movie's website URL printed on them.

Much of the time, this kind of targeted vandalism is done on principle by people who don't agree with an ad campaign's overarching tone or imagery. Seeing it done for promotional reasons is weird, but it's also clever, and I can't begrudge a guy taking back some lame Revlon poster in the service of art. If I have to see that much dead-eyed stock photography anyway, some of it might as well be literal.

More examples below. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.
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