Hot women are smarter around Kettle chips

Here's a fairly ridiculous ad from Bulldozer in Australia for Kettle chips, featuring a bunch of attractive ladies and a shady bearded fellow analyzing the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, and how it relates to the product in question. They're all sophisticatedly transparent about the ad being an ad—or as the guy calls it, "commerce parading as entertainment." And they refer out loud to the "gratuitous packshot" of the product at the end. This wink-wink stuff extends to the press release, in which Bulldozer creative chief Andy McKeon, who's apparently fond of the ladies, is quoted as saying, "The shoot didn't suck." Paul Tredennick, marketing manger at Kettle owner Snack Brands Australia, adds: "The shoot really didn't suck."

—Posted by Tim Nudd