How to Motivate Agency Interns: Better Housing for Better Work

Lovely suite to rat-infested basement

Here's a twisted take on employee motivation. Belgian monarchy ad agency Mortierbrigade has devised a medieval cutting-edge system of housing to inspire its peasants interns to work harder. Mortierbrigade generously lodges aspiring creatives in a building adjacent to its offices. The catch: The quality of the accommodations varies greatly from floor to floor. All starry-eyed naifs start out equal, living on the ground floor in the "Tent for Two," furnished with "sleeping bags, bugs, and a malfunctioning shower." Those who "convince the management" they are doing good work can graduate to "The Cabin in the Woods" one floor up, where everything, including the beds, is made of wood. Those who prove exceptionally good at advertising can move up even further, all the way to "The Royal Suite," an "accommodation worthy of a creative director from a small startup agency" complete with luxuries like "cold and hot water" and "the power to reign over the other floors." The interns who fail to impress their bosses, meanwhile, get tossed in the basement with the rats. (See images of all the levels after the jump.) It's all kind of genius—the core concept for a hit reality show, and the perfect training program to prepare would-be creatives for adult lives built around grueling hours, persecution complexes, and delusions of being a starving artist. The agency probably could save itself some cash, though, by just making them sleep in the office. They'll be there all night anyway. Via Springwise.

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