Hulk Hogan Returns to Advertising in This Daft Spot for a Dutch Insurance Company

Eat your vitamins and say your prayers!

Whatcha gonna do when the Hulkster runs wild on you?!

Last year, Hulk Hogan helped put Gawker down for the count. Now, the former WWE icon—real name: Terry Bollea—steals the show from a purse snatcher in a wild new commercial for Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer.

Created by DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam, this is the 60th spot in the brand’s “Just Call Us” campaign, which has been running for 30 years with cheeky scenarios in which circumstances take unexpected turns for the worse.

To stage the theft, the team traveled to—where else?—America, land of street crime. Specifically, to Clearwater, Fla., the Hulkster’s hometown.

When a baddie in a hoodie victimizes a Dutch family on vacation, he never expects to run smack into Hogan’s sexagenarian pecs. (And “sexagenarian” here refers to Hulk being 63, not to his bedroom antics.)

Hogan proceeds to pound on the exceptionally unlucky thief. Or does he?

Throughout, viewers can clearly see that Hogan—and in some cases a stunt double (dude’s not quite as flexible as he was at WrestleMania 1)—pulls his punches and does the perp no harm.

“In American wresting, it’s more show and make-believe than actual violence,” notes agency executive creative director Dylan de Backer. “In the commercial, we play with the concept of this, so that the thief can make his getaway.”

Of course, most folks know that signature squared-circle moves like the tombstone piledriver, on display here, aren’t exactly … real.

Well, let me tell you something, brother: Having your face jammed between Hulk Hogan’s sweaty thighs probably feels pretty awful, even if he doesn’t ultimately slam your cranium into the sidewalk!

Overall, it’s a memorably silly spot. Still, some of us prefer the lunatic self-parody of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair who, despite his own squabbles with the press, hasn’t knocked any media brands out of the ring—yet. Wooooo!

Creative agency: DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam
Production Company: In Case of Fire
Director: Sven Super
Executive Creative Director: Dylan de Backer
Producer: Yuka Kambayashi, Arjan Easterfeather
Business Director: Milo van der Meij
Client: Marteyn Roose, Peggy Spaapen, Karin Wekema, Ellen van der Horst

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