If You’re Into Man-on-Man Suckling, You’ve Come to the Right B-to-B Ad

Nourishment from customer service teat

Here's an ad that might make you question the nature of the Internet, who you are and what makes you happy. OK, maybe not all that, but it does touch on those themes. And it includes man-on-man suckling action.

The spot, created by London agency AMV BBDO, is for a company called Thunderhead, and to the average consumer it might not be clear what the company actually does. To anyone in the marketing technology space, it's fairly obvious: Thunderhead helps advertisers understand their customers.

It can help businesses deliver relevant messages to clients using accurate traits. That explains why the salesman in the ad fails at the beginning, thinking he knows all about the consumer, only to find he's getting everything wrong.

Then things get weird. The salesman regroups, seeking help from a wrestler-looking muscleman whose nipples seem to be the source of perfect consumer insights. After nuzzling close to this warrior's breast, the salesman can close the deal because now he knows exactly what the woman wants.

Thunderhead is the kind of software service that brands use to manage these customer relations and know who is on the other end of a phone call, online chat or ad. And now it's known as the company with the weird suckling scene.