IHOP Serves Up Slices of ‘Pancizza’ for National Pizza Day. Yes, It’s a Pizza-Sized Pancake

Only available in N.Y., L.A., Chicago and Dallas

For a limited time, in just four cities, you can get Buttermilk Pancizza, Cupcake Pancizza or Bacon & Cheddar Pancizza. - Credit by IHOP
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Ever wish you had a pancake you could share with a crowd? No? Well too bad, because IHOP made one anyway.

To celebrate this Saturday being National Pizza Day, which IHOP is observing today through Sunday, the breakfast (and, sigh, burger, eyeroll emoji) chain is offering a pizza-sized pancake called “Pancizza” in four markets: New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. Pancizzas are available in those locations via pickup or DoorDash delivery, which is waiving delivery fees for new customers or orders over $10.

IHOP is even taking over NYC’s Bleecker Street Pizza on Saturday to become a dedicated Pancizzeria from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., offering a free slice to each visitor.

So what exactly is a Pancizza?

Here’s IHOP’s description: “We took our famous buttermilk pancakes, made them bigger, gave them some toppings, sliced them up, and put them in a pizza box for National Pizza Day.”

The limited-time product and activation were developed by agency Droga5, which rather dramatically kicked off its relationship with IHOP last year by announcing the IHOb name change that made everyone lose their collective shit.

Pancizza seems to come in three options: Buttermilk Pancizza, Cupcake Pancizza, or (for the culinarily bold) Bacon and Cheddar Pancizza. What, no Margherita Pancizza? No Pesto Chicken Pancizza with Shiitake and Pine Nuts? Psh, fine, I’ll just make my own.

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