Ikea’s Whirling New Kitchen Ad Will Leave Your Head Spinning

A dizzying feat from Mother London

Here's a kitchen ad that might leave you a little nauseated, but for once that has nothing to do with food.

In Ikea's new spot from Mother London, promoting the retailer's first new kitchen furnishing line in 25 years, the set spins, spins and spins. It captures the vibe of kitchens as busy places for the whole family, often feeling like a whirligig what with all the pots and pans and plates and groceries flying around while pets and children scurry underfoot.

Luckily, thanks to Ikea's efficient drawers and cabinets and other space-maximizing furnishings, you can have a smooth-running ship, including putting your young offspring to work setting the table. There's even a place for the sullen teenager to sit and play with his smartphone instead of helping—just to show Ikea really thought of everything.

Helmed by director Keith Schofield, the spot continues Mother's 2014 "The Wonderful Everyday" campaign, which was kicked off with a much darker, almost creepy homage to energy-efficient lighting.

The agency describes its newest spot as a "dazzling and dizzying" portrayal of the Metod collection's customizability.

"To bring to life this new flexible kitchen," Mother writes in its video summary, "the advert shows the units smoothly coping with whatever the family throws at it. Even the dog."

The carousel is a fun and clear-enough metaphor, though in spirit the ad sort of feels like a more mundane version of the agency's 2012 Ikea spot "Playing With My Friends," which had a similar all-hands-on-deck theme and upbeat poise amid chaos vibe—though that one upped the ante by recasting the grown-up as giant toys, a clever play on the kids' imaginations.

This time around, the biggest thing you're left imagining is how much Dramamine this family must keep stocked in the medicine cabinet.

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