Illustrator Inserts Husband Into Opening Credits of Classic Shows in Adorably Nerdy Video Birthday Card

Mad Men, New Girl, Lost, etc.

Manhattan-born illustrator/graphic artist Leigh Lahav spliced the opening credits of several famous TV shows—Mad Men, Arrested Development, Lost, etc.—together into a really neat video birthday card for her husband, Oren. She tinkered with each opening sequence, too, adding pictures of his family and friends as if they were cast members. It's reminiscent, in spirit, of Sean Ohlenkamp's anniversary stunt for his wife on his Mac. This kind of lovey-dovey stuff usually turns me all barfy, but when it's applied with this much effort and creativity, I really have to applaud it. Besides, it was worth it to see Aviad Rosenbaum's hair (1:24 into the video). Yikes. Via Design Taxi. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.
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