Influencer-Only Mural Promo in L.A. Just Makes Everyone Mad

This epitomizes what's wrong with influencer culture, some say

The mural appears to be a promo for a comedy series coming July 9. @JustinCaffier
Headshot of Alissa Fleck

We know dumb ideas can still make for brilliant marketing if they manage to catch fire, and that might just be the case with an “influencer-only” mural recently unveiled in L.A.

The mural, which is hypothesized to be a promo for an upcoming comedy series called “Like and Subscribe” is accompanied by signage restricting the photo op to social media influencers with at least 20,000 followers—a dubious metric to be sure. The mural is also protected by real-life security guards, who appear to have nothing better to do with their time than keep people with, say, a paltry 19,000 followers off the premises.

The stunt has sparked outrage on social media, which has seen a gamut of reactions from the public. Some expressed how the mural epitomizes everything that’s problematic and alienating about influencer culture. Influencers are already jet-setting across the globe on someone else’s dime, kicking back in island paradises the rest of us could only dream of. Indeed, the antic feels particularly tone-deaf at a time when the public wants influencers to feel more authentic and approachable, not less so.

Still, others gave the tomfoolery the benefit of the doubt, chalking it up to a satirical stunt by comedic genius Nathan Fielder, who produces the series Nathan for You.

Signs around the Melrose Avenue “artwork” encourage influencers to follow the barebones “Like and Subscribe” Instagram and Twitter accounts, which boast only the cryptic descriptor “Coming July 9th.” At the time of publication, the Instagram account had less than 930 followers, meaning it would not qualify for a photo op with its own caper.

Update: The “Like and Subscribe” account has today announced that, “Due to intense public pressure, the mural is now open to the public with the verified check removed.” It has also confirmed there will be an original series by the name, about social media influencers, developed by EDM artist Dillon Francis.

@AlissaFleck Alissa Fleck is a New York City-based reporter, podcast producer and contributor to Adweek.
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