International Stars Help Danish Tourists Avoid Sunburns in Insane Musical PSAs

Dancing roasted chickens, and a singing dolphin

- Credit by Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Danes aren’t generally known for their swarthy complexions—but some of the nation’s most popular vacation destinations include sun-soaked locales like Greece.

So a delightfully bonkers new anti-melanoma campaign from The Danish Cancer Society, Danish foundation TrygFonden, and agency &co is using a universal language—song— to plead with the locals at such tourist hot spots to “Help a Dane” avoid a sunburn.

Five original music videos for five countries feature international artists representing each—and together, they’re a varied and visually-rich feast built around common themes like wearing sunscreen and sun hats.

In the opening scenes of an original music video for Spain, for example, a casually animated brontosaurus wades offshore as leisure fishermen cast their lines off oceanside rocks. “I keep order on the beach,” sings Meneo, dressed like a lifeguard, “watching out for any kind of trouble.”

“But hey, something here smells like it’s burning,” continues the lyric, as a Danish couple strolling onto the sand suddenly transforms into a pair of dancing roasted chickens waving Danish flags.

And that’s even before the singing dolphin makes a cameo.

There are also clips for Thailand, France, Italy, and Greece, featuring artists Keng Tachaya, The Players, Colapesce, and Bleu Teucan respectively. Each brings its own zany flavor to footage of fair-skinned, red-faced Danes, and a message about better sun protection.

A continuation of last year’s similarly lighthearted “Help a Dane” campaign, the new effort, titled “Summer Hits,” hopes to reduce the incidence of deadly skin cancer in Denmark—which currently has the fifth highest in the world, with 90 percent of its cases being cause by U.V. exposure, according to the creators of the PSAs.

Overall, it’s an important complement to the “Do It For Denmark” campaigns from recent years, urging to the country’s citizens to travel—and procreate—more.

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